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Blue & Red Heeler Dogs

Quality Red and Blue Heeler Dogs. 

Here at the L76 we also raise quality heelers. To some people they know these dogs as Queensland Heelers. We usually have 2 litters a year from our two breeding females. We have one red female (Belle) and our other female is a dark blue (PeeWee), the male that we stand is a dark blue, named Taz.
The pups from these dogs are amazing companions.Many of our pups have been sold to repeat homes, many of our pups have gotten homes in surrounding states and are excellant working dogs to family dogs.
We dock the tails of our pups.They also recieve their first puppy shots and wormed before they leave our home.
Belle's pups have been both blue and red(a couple of the reds have been the merle color~red bodied with a hint of blue over the body and muzzle).At 5 weeks these pups were wanting to heel our pant legs.
~Currently have 4 pups left from this years litter.
   Born Jan 3,2011
    1)Red Female (with some merle coloring) She is gonna be a great heeler
    3)Blue males
    These pups are ready to go now. we are asking $125 for the female and $100 per male.
    Can email pics of these great pups.
PeeWee's pups are always blue.Some are born with tails and the other half are born docked.She comes from the line of heelers called "Stumpies".
Her pups were born March 12,2011
Will have pictures here of the pups in a few days.

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