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Driftin Bar Bob

Legends Past, Present & Future

The blue roan who wins hearts

Driftin Bar Bob

Driftin Bar Bob, a 1999 Blue Roan AQHA Stallion.
Sire: Guatemala Canal
Dam: NLD Hanna Bar Leo
 We purchased "Blue" in 2004 and have never regretted buying him. He came from John Balkenbush's Sunshine Ranch of Conrad, Montana. Driftin Bar Bob's pedigree is full of many greats such as Driftwood, Joe Hancock, Sugar Bars and Leo
 This combination has been totally AWESOME!
 Driftin Bar Bob has a Quiet Disposition, Athletic Ability, Size and that Blue Roan Color! And his foals are the same.
 He is siring 90% Roan Color on his foals, with 75% of the foals being fillies! Here is the even better news about Driftin Bar Bob- crossing him on Doc Bar mares is a fantastic cross!
 His foals have a Willingness Disposition, want to learn Attitude with Conformation and Size. You can't go wrong with Driftin Bar Bob!
 Come put some Driftin Bar Bob in your barn today!
 We are using Blue at the local saleyard working with other mares and geldings and he puts in a good day of work moving cattle and opening gates. Many times he gets accused of being a gelding due to his calm nature and willing attitude. There has never been a issue with him being used around the mares or hauled with a trailer load of them.
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Driftin Bar Bob's extended pedigree is on
Booking Fee $150 (Non-Refundable)
Breeding Fee $375 
We are currently only using A.I. & Shipped Semen due to the cost of feed.
A.I. and Shipped Seman Available through the Outback Stallion Station
Discounts available for 4H, FFA and Multi. Mares
We take trades for Breeding Fees.
Please Email for Breeding Contract.
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Breeding Fee

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Driftin Blue Lady

Above horses are foals sired by Driftin Bar Bob

Spring 2007
Blue is getting lighter!
Driftin Bar Bob
April 8 2007