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Badgered to B Dun


2006 Dun AQHA Stallion

Badgered to B Dun
"Diesel & Hayden" fall of 2008

New Pictures are coming soon!

Badgered to B Dun
2006 Dun
Sire: Peppys Cody Bar King(Deceased, Buckskin carried the Rabicano gene)
Dam: Be A Peppy Star (Red Dun)
Badgered to B Dun
The pedigree behind this little guy is one we have been searching for, for a long time to add to our Stallion Battery and as a producer. 
This little guy is gonna turn heads with his baby doll head, clean straight legs and quiet disposition and a pedigree of top horses in AQHA History. He has shown his natural ability to want to work and cut cows since he was a foal.Cutting alongthe fence line with cattle/kids and dogs. Diesel has a want to work attitude.
We are really excited to add him as a future stallion. He qualifies for the following registries: AQHA, NFQHA (should be 90% or better) FQHA, IBHA, ABRA.
If your wanting awesome babies with Quiet Dispositions, Willingness to learn,  and that well known pedigree then take a look at what Badgered to B Dun can do for you and your mare(s).
Badgered to B Dun's Pedigree is Outstanding! Here are some of the Greats in his pedigree.
Peppy San Badger, Leo San(2x) King, Bill Cody & Sugar Bars!
His first baby is here, a really cute red dun filly.Her picture is on our facebook page. 
Booking Fee $125 (Non Refundable)
Breeding Fee $275
We are only offering A.I and Shipped Semen from him at this time.


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