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Lucky 76 Ranch

Home of Foundation bred Horses

  Welcome to Lucky 76 Ranch.
  Lucky 76 Ranch is a Quarter and Paint Horse breeding and selling operation that specializes in horses who excel in cutting, reining, and the all around using horse. Our breeding program features foundation bred stallions & mares.
  We are proud to offer the following bloodlines for your breeding considerations:
Driftwood, Sugar Bars
Joe Hancock, Peppy San Badger
Bueno Chex, Colonel Freckles
Nu Cash Bond & Little Lenas Legend
 Doc Bar.
And our mares carry the blood of
Doc Bar, Poco Bueno
Peppy San, Jesse James
Fritz Command & Jackie Bee
Go Man Go
  Our horses are competitive at halter as well as riding, and come in a wide array of colors from bays to palominos and roans. We believe there is no such thing as a bad colored horse, and believe in a firm foundation for all our horses. 
 Here at Lucky 76 Ranch, we are proud to offer each of these stallions for your breeding considerations for 2011.
Driftin Bar Bob
1999 Blue Roan AQHA & APHA
Hancock/Driftwood/Sugar Bars/Leo
Badgered to B Dun
2006 Dun Roan AQHA/IBHA/ABRA
Peppy San
Little Richard Chex
2005 Cremello Tovero APHA/PtHA
Colonel Freckles 3X Bueno Chex
Holey Bueno Chex
2005 AQHA Buttermilk Buckskin
Double bred Bueno Chex
Minelli Who
2009 Black AQHA
Own son of NU CASH BOND
Twin Pines J & R Lil Man
2008 Buttermilk Buckskin Mini
Qualifies for Pinto
Own son of Little Lenas Legend
DD Lenaspottedgator
1998 sorrel APHA Stallion
In Addition to standing these outstanding stallions we also offer select horses for sale.
 All pictures are Copyrighted (c)2011.Please do not use unless given written permission
Visitors Always Welcome.
Please call or email before you come out as we don't want to miss you!
We would like to thank you for stopping by,
Lucky 76 Ranch

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